Free Auto Insurance Tips

Does it really matter who handles my auto insurance?

It sure does! Insurance company rates can vary greatly from one carrier to another aund some companies offer special discounts to police officers while others do not. Also, coverage can vary greatly from company to company in regards to what parts they use to fix your car, how long you can keep your rental car, etc.

How much auto insurance coverage should I have?

Great question! The amount of coverage you need is based on a number of things including whether or not you own a home, whether or not you have substantial assets at risk and your lifestyle. An expert at LE Auto and Home can help you determine what’s right for you.
Are you cheaper than my current associations INS plan?

Generally, yes. We can offer the best pricing in your state the vast majority of the time. We shop around with dozens of carriers to find you the lowest rate while not skimping on coverage.
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